Demolition Requirements


  1. Demolition application and fee. 

a)      The fee is $15.00 for a small non-resident or non-commercial structure with no water or sewer connections; and $35.00 minimum, $135.00 maximum, for a resident or commercial structure with water and sewer connections. The fee will be determined by the Building Inspector.

b)     A $250.00 or $500.00, respectively, refundable deposit is due when the permit is issued.


  1. Disconnect letter from AmerenUE for electricity and gas.


  1. Contact DIG-RITE and request locate of utilities in any right of ways.



  1. Proof of sewer cap.


  1. City of New Franklin Water Department will disconnect the water service.


  1. Asbestos inspection by City of New Franklin Building Inspector and proof of asbestos removal if asbestos is present.


  1. SEPTIC TANKS:  Abandoned individual sanitary sewage systems shall be disconnected from buildings, pumped out, and the septic tank bottom shall be broken out, and the septic tank backfilled with crushed limestone, gravel or clean compacted dirt.  Licensed waste hauler must verify in writing that the tank has been pumped out prior to issuance of demolition permit.


  1. WELLS:  Wells will be located by the Contractor, clearly marked and reported to the City of New Franklin.


  1. PROPANE TANKS:  Propane tanks are the property of the Propane Company named on the tank.  It is the contractor’s responsibility to contact these companies and have them properly disconnected and removed from the premises.


  1. Letter from property owner certifying designated contractor to demolish structure.


  1. Certification of required insurance by demolition contractor.



  1. All utility connections must be properly disconnected.  Sewer and water shut –offs must be secured.  Copies certifying proper disconnection of water, sewer, gas and electricity must be obtained before demolition permit will be issued.


  1. Obtain demolition permit from New Franklin City Clerk.


  1. Remove all combustible material from premises.  Break out footing, foundation and basement floor.  Fill in basement, cistern or septic tank cavities with non-combustible solid fill material.  Call for inspection to verify removal of floor and fill material.  If concrete is being buried on the premises, the owner must approve and sign the application.


  1. Grading of lot:  When a building has been demolished and building replacement has not been projected or approved, the vacant lot shall be filled, graded and maintained in conformity to the established street grades at curb level.  Non-graded area(s) are to be marked.  The lot shall be maintained free from the accumulation of rubbish and all other unsafe or hazardous conditions, which endanger the life or health of the public.  Provision shall be made to prevent the accumulation of water or damage to any foundations on the premises or the adjoining property.


  1. Completion of work:  Demolition work shall start within fifteen (15) days after the date of issuance of the demolition permit and shall be completed with thirty (30) days of such issuance date.  The Building Inspector may, after receiving a written request from the applicant, extend this permit one (1) or more additional period(s), if in his opinion, conditions, such as weather, may have prevented the completion of the work within the prescribed allotted time.


  1. Deposit will be refunded within five (5) business days of the Building Inspector’s final inspection and approval.

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