Community Building Reservation




ONE DAY RENTAL FEE:        $175.00

TWO DAY RENTAL FEE:        $225.00

BUILDING TO BE CLEANED BY:                                           



 1.   Key may be picked up at City Hall the day before rental, or on Friday for a weekend rental

                  before 4:00 p.m.

 2.   Key must be returned by l0:00 a.m. the first business day following the rental.

 3.   City Park closes at l0:00 p.m.  Community building occupants may remain until Midnight.

 4.   City is not responsible for accidents.

 5.   Renter must furnish paper products for kitchen and restrooms.

 6.   The renter shallbe responsible for any additional cleaning he/she feels necessary before usage

      of building.                   

 7.   Deposit will be refunded once key is returned and no damages to building are found.

 8.   Any damage to the building or furnishings exceeding the rental deposit will be paid by the

       renter; the cost to be determined by the Board of Aldermen.

 9.   Please do not alter thermostat.

 10.   Number of chairs at the time of rental is:         .

 11.   Number of tables at the time of rental is:          .



1.  Remove all food beverages, and personal items.  City will not be responsible for personal

                    items left in the building.

 2.  Make sure water to toilets are not running.

 3.  Close and lock all windows.

 4.  Report any lights out or broken windows.

 5.  Lock both back and front doors when leaving.


1.  Wash and dry tables and put on racks

2.  Wipe off all chairs before putting on rack.

3.  Place trash from inside and outside the building in the dumpster provided.

4.  Sweep and wet mop floor.

5.  Clean bathrooms.

6.  Clean kitchen, including refrigerator, stove top and oven.  Make sure all burners are turned off.

If, upon inspection, any of the above items are not done satisfactorily, (to be determined by

Police Officer doing the inspection), part or all of the deposit will be retained by the City.

 I have read and agree to these terms.  Dated this                     day of                                  , 20         .


Renter                                                                              SS Number


Address                                                                            City, State, Zip



Home Phone              Work Phone


Office Use:  Deposit:                                                                     Returned to Renter by City check



Extent of Damages:                                                                                                                                                 





Cost of Damages:                                            Deposit  Applied:                                                           





REVISED:  4-12-2012

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