February 10, 2014 Minutes

February 10, 2014

The regular meeting of the New Franklin Board of Aldermen was called to order by Mayor C Frank Frevert at 7:00pm at 132 East Broadway New Franklin Missouri. Present were as follows:

Mayor C Frank Frevert
Alderman Ward I Jerry B Thornton
Alderman Ward II Kerry Thompson
Alderman Ward II John James
Alderman Ward III Michael McGee
Alderman Ward III Walter L Banks
City Administrator/City Clerk Patricia Cunningham
City Attorney Gregory P Robinson
Police Chief Tony Hill
City Services Director Jeff Koenig
Keith Hendrix
Chris Monteer
Aubrey Ivy

ABSENT: Alderwoman Carolyn Heilman

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence, roll was taken by the City Clerk and a quorum with five of six Aldermen present was established.

Alderman Thompson moved to approve the agenda. Alderman Thornton seconded the motion. Five voting aye. Motion carried.


Mr. Ivy, Mr. Monteer and Mr Hendrix asked the city to address the continuing sewer backup issue on the 4” line that runs from 304 E Broadway, south to the sewer main on Merchant St behind 303 E Broadway. Five households, 3 on the north side of E Broadway and two on the south side are on the 4” line. The city had previously replace the line from the clean out to 303 E Broadway to the south side of the E Broadway Street.

The Board agreed to have city services clean the line, (with Mr. Ivy and Mr. Monteer agreeing to assume any responsibilities for their own property and sewer line during the process) and then request assistance from the City of Boonville to camera the line so problems could be assessed.


Alderman Thornton moved to have the reading of Resolution 02.10.14, A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF NEW FRANKLIN, MISSOURI, AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR TO EXECUTE DOCUMENTS ON BEHALF OF THE CITY OF NEW FRANKLIN, MISSOURI RELATING TO GRANT MONIES AWARDED THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM. Alderman McGee seconded the motion. After the City Clerk read the resolution, Alderman Banks moved to adopt Resolution 02.10.14. Seconded by Alderman McGee. Five voting aye. Motion carried.


Alderman Thornton moved to authorize the transfer of $26,380.00 from savings to general checking account to pay the 2012 bond payment due February 28. Alderman James seconded the motion. Five voting aye. Motion carried.


Mayor Frevert asked the Board to consider paying city services employees overtime for snow removal in January and February. City Services Director Koenig stated he and the employees would rather have a new mower deck than the overtime if it’s one or the other.


After resume’ discussion, Alderman James moved to employ Robbey Trimble, Fayette, MO, as part time building inspector. Alderman Thornton seconded the motion. Five voting aye. Motion carried.


City attorney Robinson updated the Board on the status of the Land Application Agreement as part of the sewer project. Mr. Robinson drafted a revised agreement that did not include restricted water application by the land owner. The land owners’ attorney will present the revised agreement within the next few days; and also advise if the owners of the land in question have changed. Upon all signatures, the city attorney will approve and forward to USDA for final review by USDA legal department.


Mr. Koenig reviewed estimates from numerous vendors for a new mower. More estimates will be reviewed at the March meeting.

The Board members agreed it would be beneficial to purchase seconded handed washer/dryer for the city shop.

Mayor Frevert commended Mr. Koenig on his efforts during the 10” water main break repair, working after having injured his hand.

Alderman Thornton moved to purchase $100 gift certificates for Kenny Eads, Shawn Schnell and Loren Lawson who volunteered their time to assist with the repair of the 10” water main during extreme weather conditions. Alderman Thompson seconded the motion. Five voting aye. Motion carried.


Chief Hill thanked the City Services crew on snow removal. He had nothing else to report.


Alderman Thompson suggested Mo Rural Water Assn be contacted to see if a camera small enough for 1 1/2” water lines was available to locate a leak under the concrete deck of the pool.


March 10, 2014.

Alderman McGee moved to adjourn. Seconded by Alderman Thornton. Five voting aye. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

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